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Holy Mestizaje, Mr. Spock!!!! #Mextasy Poster Classic

New Poster Over at the Eyegiene/Mextasy Poster Shoppe!

"The Bad Breath of the Devil Will Make Lupita Steal Again!!" Sigmund Freud's Christmas Nightmare! Mexican Santa! Director: René Cardona's Santa Claus, 1959 {October 1960 (USA)}

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Merry Christmas y Feliz Navidad from all the loco agents of desmadres at The Textmex Galleryblog...

More on this "holiday classic" here... Lobby cards from this x-mas "classic" below...

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Feliz Navidad and Merry Christmas from the Tex[t]-Mex Galleryblog

Originally published: 12/22/12 3:46 PM Pacific Standard Time

Wishing you and yours 
a stereotype-free 2014!!!!

Your gift?  The voice
of Speedy Gonzales, Mel Blanc,
"The Hat I Got for Christmas is too Big."*

*note: the bizarre lyrics of the
song merely confirm the argument
in Tex[t]-Mex regarding "Mexicans"
as synecdoche for a sordid sort
of sexual potentiality--but I will
hold this comment in reserve
for the rest of the holidays.

Christmas-time Semiotic Legacies of the Mexican Cinema's Golden Age

originally published 12/11/07, 10:16 AM

Tex[t]-Galleryblog would be a Scrooge if it did not share this tasty semiotic artifact I ran across this morning, a lobby card while trawling the visual cultural riches of the internet. Rene Cardona's Santa Claus--think Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer filtered through the mind of a peyote- and absinthe-sodden Ken Russell--is a movie for the ages.

IMDB's listing on this Dante's Inferno-laced holiday classic is here--an Onion review of it is here. Those crazy 'bots on Mystery Science Theater did a send up of Cardona's classic--regular readers of this space who own the DVD are welcome to send me a copy for Christmas, pretty please!

Holy Mother of God, I have struck the motherload--dig this archive of black & white stills from this glorious and decadent evocation of Santa Claus!

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