Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dadanoias Findings!

David Lynch and Moby via Cartoon Brew via Vanity Fair

Potentially disturbing for some; play at your own risk! {click the image below for a link to Cartoon Brew, a GREAT site documenting monumental feats of contemporary animation.}

"Diversity" on the Office

A bit after the 14-minute mark, the Michael Scott's (Steve Carell) "Mexican" references to Oscar Martinez (Cuban-American actor, Oscar Nuñez) are utterly Tex[t]-Mextian! 

Oscar's character has appeared as both "Mexican" and "Bolivian" on the show--not that one turns to NBC for national or ethnic sensitivity.  The episode, written by B. J. Novak, is by turns pathetic and hilarious.  Must-See TV for anyone doing ethnic studies.

Diane Ackerman with W. Nericcio, P. Verdicchio, & Donald Wesling | SDSU, 6pm, Hardy Tower, April 20, 2009

I am very lucky to be appearing on a panel this Monday, April 20, 2009 at 6pm in SDSU's Hardy Tower with Diane Ackerman, the award-winning author of A Natural History of the Senses and, most recently, The Zookeeper's Wife: A War Story. D.J. Hopkins, ace profe from teatro at SDSU will be MCing the event that also features Professors Pasquale Verdicchio & Donald Wesling, from UCSD, and local actor and MFA poetry prodigy Bianca Chapman(link to a recent review), who will open the show with dramatic readings from Ackerman's chilling meditation on Nazis and zoos in Poland during WWII.

This is a great opportunity to hang out with one of America's greatest writers and to learn more about her numerous obsessions and books. Though the panel is being touted as an "environment"-focused affair, I suspect the topics and questions will be all over the map. More about the event is on the blog.

Lucha Libre: Gustavo Arellano and Bill Nericcio at Cal State Fullerton

Click here for an archive of related photos. Thanks again to Gustavo Arellano and Alexandro Gradilla for an amazing day with an utterly cool conglomeration of profes y estudiantes. Here's a link to the promo-post for the event.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Eva Mendez as Gloria Trevi in a BioPic--Holy Hissip!

More on the Homoerotic, Texalicious Ramifications of the Burger King Macro-Texan/Micro-Mexican Duet Ad

My New Best Friend, Elaine Ayala

original posting, 3/26/08; repost 4/17/09

My new best amiga forever (BAF) is Elaine Ayala and her blog Latino Life for throwing me the link to this curious XicanOsmotic Spanish-language riff-off/revision of MGM's The Wizard of Oz.


EYEGIENE: Keep Travis the Chimp and His Ilk at Bay!!!

Donny Hathaway: Song For You

My Sex in Film and Lit Class is grooving to Jericho Brown's PLEASE next week; here's a song by Donny Hathaway that figures in the book and that, surprise, fuses Brown's work to Mayer's--the song lyrics are here.

1964: Pre Militarized Border Days

David Garcia, checks in with a photo from the days before drones patrolled the line between Mexico and the US.

From: "David O. Garcia"
To: "Bill Nericcio"
Subject: A photo for your files
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 22:40:38 -0400

Hi Bill,

I’ve checking out the LIFE archive at google and found this interesting shot of LBJ and Mexican President Adolfo Lopez Mateos meeting at border in El Paso Juarez.
LBJ met with Mateos in El Paso to officially ratify the Chamizal Convention in September of 1964.

Oliver Mayer with William Nericcio @ SDSU, April 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sweet Mother of God! More on the Burger King Midget Mexican Controversy!

The only thing that saves this ad from complete loathesomeness is its anti-hetero-normative, homoerotic, international-love musings! yowza! Holy Brokeback Montaña, Batman!

It's not even clear that "Tex" is the top, either.

Read a cool take on all this here, from AdWeek.

Oliver Mayer at SDSU, April 16, 2009

EYEGIENE LECTURE AT SDSU! April 29, 2009, W.A. Nericcio

My thanks to Dexter Hough-Snee and the amazing graduate students in Spanish and Portuguese at SDSU for the invite to lecture for their department! SELACH rocks!

Click the image to your left for the details!

Immigration Chit-chat in Los Angeles!

Chon Noriega on TCM

... great interview with the Chon-man here.

Infokinesis: Hermaphrodites, Michel Foucault, Luchadores, and mucho mas!

Spain Rescues [Midget] "Mexicans" from Evil Burger King Stereotypes

It's the motherland, Spain, to the rescue of Mexico for a new series of ads by Burger King that feature long, lanky cowboys and a midget, Mexican-flag draped, "Mexican." Click the image for the latest and greatest tale of "Mexican" hallucinations roiling the internets.

Breaking Bad, Bandit Mexicans, Leering Narcos and Network TV

An extraordinarily fine meditation on "Mexican" figuration on the boob tube! Lucid, cogent, focused and compelling!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Of Mexican Maids and More!

The Seductive Hallucination Galleries of Tex[t]-Mex feature two or three meditations on the ontology of Mexican maids in American mass culture; this dispatch gives us an update--hit the image for the rest of the tale!

Rio Yañez on Batman y Guillermo Gomez-Peña

Hot Robotic "Mexican" Musica!


Chicano Tejano Persecuted by the Spanish Deserves Every Lick of Flame He Can Get!

One More Reason to Loathe the Reaper--Gracias to

God, this son-of-a-bitch used to render me apoplectic back in the day!

Gloria Trevi in the News!

Here is Trevi at the height of her pre-scandal career:

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