Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Día de Los Halloweenos- Mashed-up Mexification

Not too long ago, Walt Disney Corporation muy unsuccessfully attempted to trademark "Día De Los Muertos." Pues si! It should have made sense that this venerable holiday, with all its significant traditions, does not belong to a company. Lately though, I have noticed the slight trend to throw in a dash of Día de Los Muertos con el Halloween. Check out this merchandise in the Pottery Barn Holiday/Halloween selection. {http://bit.ly/18FAiRZ}

Almost fifteen years ago Martha Stewart became the ambassador of monochromatic and elegant productions for all events (It's a good thing). Her trend spread quickly to the "majors," (Christmas and Thanksgiving), and retailers, like Pottery Barn took notice. Then came Easter, Saint Valentine's day, and finally: Halloween. So keep an eye out friends, and if you see more Día de Los Muertos creeping into the orange and black holiday, tell us: Is it intrusion or inclusion?

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