Sunday, August 31, 2014

El hijo de la.... The Semiotic Son of England's William Hogarth and Mexico's Rius! Lalo Alcaraz's Cunning Satirical Illustrations!

If you are not a regular reader of Lalo Alcaraz's LA CUCARACHA, if your daily fishwrap of a newspaper (that is, if you still have a newspaper in your city) does not carry it, get your infusion of top-shelf, satirical genius here:

Here's Lalo's most recent entry, Sunday, August 31, 2014--a telling, pointed send-up of neo-fascist, racist, anti-immigrant pendejos from Murrieta:

click to enlarge
Here are some other recent gems by Lalo. Click them to see them in large, living color!

Hogarth and Rius? They are amazing also!




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