Friday, June 28, 2013

You Can't Read What's for Deener Anymore

While you can still take a Royal Caribbean Cruise with Paula Deen, you won't be able to read her newest book. ¿Porqué? Well, because Ballantine Books, Deen's publisher cancelled the October publication date. La Deen is fighting back now. She's not being the shrinking violet asking for vapors while she's fainting on live TV asking for empathy. In order to discredit the white woman who is suing her, Deen is doing some math to determine the difference between half-black, white and half-Hispanic. I am sure we will find out how all of this is relevant soon enough.

QVC has not backed away from their association with Deen. They're probably waiting to see how much caca is still being splattered from the fan. And how about that title? A bit grandiose or what? New Testament! Si tú. Messiah complex much?

FX Networks The Bridge "Cosas Horribles, Feas y Espantosas"

Will you Tune in on July 10th?

 From the official website "The Bridge is a present-day crime thriller exploring the tensions on the U.S.-Mexico border. When an American judge known for her anti-immigration views is found dead on the bridge connecting El Paso and Juarez, Sonya Cross (Diane Kruger) from El Paso PD must work with her Mexican counterpart from Chihuahua State Police, Marco Ruiz (Demian Bichir), to catch a serial killer operating on both sides of the border. Marco understands the slippery politics of Mexican law enforcement, and while his police force slowly succumbs to the pressures and demands of the cartel, he’s one of the last good men in the department. He’s charming, but also cunning as he will do whatever it takes to get what he needs. This does not sit well with Sonya, who has Asperger’s and strictly follows rules as well as protocol. Her candid and off-putting personality fuels an unforgiving drive for truth. The case quickly pulls them into a string of murders on the border, a scene already consumed by illegal immigration, drug trafficking, violence and prostitution."


Image from the Bridge Mural Contest

And by the way, if you get a chance, read a more lyrical version of the iconic bridge written by friend of the blog Mr. Refugio (Ito) Romo.

Comprehensive Immigration Bill Passes in Senate- Y Ahora?

"The Senate passed a politically fraught immigration reform bill on Thursday that would give a path to citizenship to some of the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S., bringing them out of the shadows and preventing continued record deportations that have separated hundreds of thousands of families..." read in Huffpost

Mextasy, the Bastard Traveling Exhibition Hijo de (Textmex) Coming to Adrian College, Fall 2013... Watch for More Soon...

Que Esto y Que Lo Otro. Companies Drop Paula Deen but Cooler Heads Prevail

Yes whatever, more folks fled the Deen Stink. We got it, instead of wasting your eyeballs on how Deen will go from multi-millioniare to a paultry millionaire,  read this fabulous open letter from the creator of the blog Afroculinaria:

..."It takes a lifetime to unlearn taught prejudice or socially mandated racism or even get over strings of negative experiences we’ve had with groups outside of our own.  We have a really lousy language—and I don’t just mean because we took a Spanish and Portuguese word (negro) and turned into the most recognizable racial slur on earth…in any language…because we have a million and one ways to hate, disdain, prejudge, discriminate and yet we hide behind a few paltry words like racism, bigotry, prejudice when we damn well know that we have thousands of words for cars—because we LOVE cars….and food—because we LOVE food—and yet in this language you and I share, how we break down patterns of thought that lead to social discord like racism, are sorely lacking.  We are a clever people at hiding our obsessions with downgrading the other."

Check the rest here:

Photo Courtesy of: Johnathan M. Lewis

The Voting Was Close, But the Tally is IN!!!! Phyllis Schlafly Beats Out Paula Deen for July 2013, Tex[t]-Mex Gallerblog PENDEJA of the Month

No doubt there will be demands for a recount, what with the proclivity of Deen to put her foot in her mouth so many times, but our old nemesis Phyllis Schlafly is just such an old school pendeja that we had to give the woman her due! For more, read here off SLATE...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

¡Ya Párale Paula! Yet Once Again, Paula Deen Pipes Up...

During the rubbernecking- horrific accident that won't stop, Paula Deen continues to make apologies which apologize for nothing. This time, choking back tearless sobs during the Today show, she invited people to stone her, if they have been without sin. La Deen had been a no-show, to a scheduled Today show interview, after her racist comments came out in the news. Still she decided to set the record straight ya'll. Her defenders are proud, she came out and told the world that people are just taking things out on her, and she hears African American people call each other even worse things in her kitchen. She was just being campy ya'll and can't imagine why people have so much hate in their hearts.

In yesterday's Today Show interview, Deen underscored her message of repentance with a reference the punchline of a joke: "I is what I is and I'm not changing." 

Here's the original joke:
There was a black guy and a white guy. They were debating over whether god was white or black. The white guy said that there was only one way to find out and that is to pray. So they go up on a hill and they pray, and pray, and pray. Finally they here a voice say, "I am what I am." The white guy jumps up, and says, "AHA I told you he was white." The black guy jumps up and says,"What do you mean? That didn't prove anything." "Yes it did, Because if he was black he would've said I is what I is."

Oh. BTW, a black man held a gun to her head during a robbery. That is the only time she has used the N-word ya'll. She was frightened!

Bueno, ya Paula. ¿Porqué mejor no descansas un poquito, despides a tu publicísta y dejas que se calmen un poco las aguas? Si no, vas a seguir diciendo puras pendejadas. Si o si?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pues No Ganó el Candidato Latino en Massachusetts

!Que Pena! I guess the state of Massachusetts will maintain a Democratic Senator. No Scott Brown upset this time around. Ed Markey beat out Navy Seal and all around Latino JFK-esque charmer Gabriel Gomez.

And Now From Boston

Just found this lovely comment on the Yelp site for a Lock Company here in Bean town.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Vampire Woman Anne Rice is Sprinklin' Garlic and Crucifixes on Deen Debate

Using the term a " lynch mob culture" and "cruxifiction," Author Anne Rice comes to the defense of Paula Deen by saying everyone is overreacting and that we just don't get the South. The whole thing, according to Rice, is a bit of a reverse racism. Plus, Deen's just an old lady from the South who said crude things in private. She doesn't know any better! Here's the thing though, Anne Rice and other folks: There is a lawsuit against Paula Deen (and her brother) for discrimination. The lawsuit, is the reason why this southern lady information has come out.

Yes her contract didn't get renewed. I am not an exec at the Food Network, but I would guess that they don't consider this a minor southern lady bleep. The woman is not senile. She represents a brand. This is no different than when company stop dropping athletes for doing things that negatively reflect on an investment. This conversation is about a lot more than her use of the n- word.

Anne Rice is saying that Paula Deen might be a nice person. We're not defining the word nice here, or simply the use of the N-word, or debating how good of a person Paula Deen is. She's a public persona in the public eye and what she says matters. If it didn't, she wouldn't be parading around with a butter mascot rebuking bad diets trying to convince people to change their ways. People listen and they don't want to hear cooking ideas from a woman who can't shake her southern views of race.
Anne Rice, who admits to have never heard about Paula Deen before because I guess her coffin didn't get the Food Network, has jumped into the conversation fully. Her Facebook page has probably never seen so much activity. The narrowness of her responses to the objections of her phrasings is mesmerizing.
Here's a dish which could now be gifted from Deen to Rice as a thank you gift for the support

A Tumblr That Curates Paula Deen's Defenders

Head on Over. Worth the read.

Smelly People Who Don't Speak Proper English Need Not Apply. Thanks.

 Thanks for the tip Gawker

Clean and Neat Employees promises NYC courier company Dutch Express. 

"Are you also done with those messengers which (sic) look dirty, don’t speak proper English, Smell and don’t know how to behave in a corporate, retail or residential environment? Try Dutch Express, all our messengers are clean neat, well-spoken and behaved individuals and dressed in very nice and clean Dutch Express outfits (Official bikers outfits)." 

 Image from Dutch Express website.

What Paula Deen Uses to Get Her Pearlies Pure White

Read all about how Darkie became Darlie toothpaste.

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Devious Maids Debut Brings Love, Hate, Vitriol, and More.... via LATINO REBELS

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