Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dry Those Tears Rachel! Mexico Kisses Uncle Sam's Butt

Previously, as devoted readers/viewers know, our valiant blog covered the spectacle of Miss USA's stumble at the Miss Universe pageant--an event so crucial that the NYTIMES saw fit to hold forth on the controversy. Now it seems that Mexico, feeling remorse (not to mention the loss of tourist lucre), and has issued an apology--dios mio, por favor!

I Moved My Cheesy Movie to the Second Page

Some people HATE music in the background of web page, so I have moved my cheezy movie to another page of the blog here.

Zorro in Hell | Culture Clash in LA!

I caught the La Jolla Playhouse version of Culture Clash's ZORRO IN HELL last year and it knocked my socks off. Now the trinamic trio of Latino Three Stooges is heating up the boards in LA with a revised and updated staging of their heady comic meditation on California stereotypes. Check it out if you get the chance. Here's a somewhat severe LAWEEKLY review of the show; the LATIMES gives more love here.

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