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Monday Morning! | Cinco de Mayo | 2008 @ Mesa College, San Diego

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Here's the rest of the skinny on this cool early Monday Morning Cinco de Mayo gig at Mesa College with former TSP rat pack scribe Tommy Riley--but before that, and to my "friends" y carnales before they ask, NO, repeat NO, I am not pointing to my receding hairline in the promotional image here:

Here's an alternate pose! No worries Beltrán--vanity made me do it.


Arellano, por supuesto, horning in on "our" Cinco de Mayo angle! Nice interview there guapo!

update 2!!

Riley and I will be selling and signing copies of our books right after the gig--drop by and give us a shout out!!!

update 3!!!

a map!

The details:

Join Mesa’s Chicana and Chicano Studies Department, San Diego Mesa College Humanities Institute and local publishing mavericks Calaca Press as they present two masters of the word for Cinco de Mayo 2008.

BARRIO BAROQUE: Rats, Rants, & Other Turf Wars of the Naked Tongue

A book discussion and spoken word performance featuring the literary talents of

SDSU Professor
William "Memo" Nericcio
Tex{t}-Mex: Seductive Hallucinations of the "Mexican" in America


Former Taco Shop Poet
Tomás Riley
mahcic: selected poems

Monday, May 5, 2008

Room H-117/118
Mesa College
7250 Mesa College Drive
San Diego, CA 92111

FREE and open to the public!

Stereotype deconstructionist Nericcio and metaphor mixing poet Riley form a potent one-two punch of Chicano linguistic insight. By breaking down cultural barriers and building multicultural alliances through their writing these two wordbending marvels bring a much needed ray of light to the latin literary world. Calaca Press and Mesa College are thrilled to collaborate by bringing these two genre defying scribes to campus in what will be a truly entertaining presentation and performance.

Their books: Tex{t}-Mex: Seductive Hallucinations of the "Mexican" in America and mahcic: selected poems will be available for sale.

Praise for Nericcio and Riley:

"[Text-Mex] is the closest Latin@ studies has come to a revolutionary vision of how American culture works through its image machines, a vision that cuts through to the roots of the U.S. propaganda archive on Mexican, Tex-Mex, Latino, Chicano/a humanity. Nericcio exposes, deciphers, historicizes, and ’cuts-up’ the postcards, movies, captions, poems, and adverts that plaster dehumanization (he calls them ’miscegenated semantic oddities’) through our brains."

-- David Carrasco, Harvard University

"mahcic gets you open on Riley’s music. A poet who writes like a master DJ: scratching metaphor, mixing cultures and re-mixing themes until he infiltrates your consciousness and makes you recall the gloss before the glitter while warning you about the wind before the storm."

-- Willie Perdomo, author of Where a Nickel Costs a Dime

William Anthony Nericcio travels in various academic disguises, including American Lit scholar, Latin Americanist, Chicana/Chicano Studies devotee/vato, wannabe film studies guru, cultural studies maven, and, last but not least Laredense Tejano acolyte of deconstruction. His book Tex{t}-Mex: Seductive Hallucinations of the "Mexican" in America was published in 2007 by University of Texas Press.

Tomás Riley is a poet, writer, educator and a veteran of the seminal San Diego based Chicano spoken-word collective The Taco Shop Poets. His self-released CD Message From the New Forreal debuted in 2003 and his book mahcic: selected poems was published in 2005 by Calaca Press.

This event is organized by Calaca Press, the San Diego Mesa College Chicana and Chicano Studies Department and the San Diego Mesa College Humanities Institute. For more information (including parking) contact Manuel J. Veléz (619) 388-2375 or

Funding has been provided by San Diego Mesa College Humanities Institute.

Prolegomena to a History of the Latina Bombshell...

CORRECTION! gracias to Angelica, who notes in the comments below, how that is Katie Jurado in the middle, there, NOT Dolores Del Rio! May the shades of these Latina goddesses forgive this blind blogger. Abrazos, Bill.

Elaine Ayala's Latino Life blog has the skinny!


Love to Laura G. Gutiérrez , the hotshot host of unsettling comforts, who zapped me this ElUniversalTV piece on Eva and her love for Mexican cinema...

More on the Sleeping Mexican

Last week I gave you the headsup about the sleepingmex blog being curated by folklorist extraordinaire Maribel Alvarez out of the University of Arizona and the Borderlore project. I did a little spelunking of my own a few weeks ago and stumbled upon a treasure-trove of my sleepy, be-sombreroed ilk! Here is a picture from that shoot.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Paul Beatty on the Obama Cool...

And now, for something completely different...

April 30th! Wednesday! @7pm Gustavo Arellano in San Diego!!!! Don't Miss Him!!!

Be there or be square!

April 30, 2008 7:00 PM
San Diego-Mission Valley
1072 Camino Del Rio N.
San Diego, CA

Here's a nice piece en español by Pablo Jaime Sainz of the Union-Tribune and Enlace. And, for new readers, here's the place for the skinny on all thing Mexican--at least, that is, through the eyes of non-Mexicano!

Beyond Stereotypes: Toward an Archeology of Whiteness

More by Tim Wise here and here.


East Coast correspondent and gifted dandy Mark Dery writes in with a link to a posting:

Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2008 17:01:28 -0400
From: Mark Dery
Subject: Sign advertising rabbit meat - Boing Boing
To: William Nericcio

Beyond the Valley of the Ultra-Rasquache.

While it has nothing to do with Speedy Gonzales and stereotypes, it has everything to do with Speedy's stable-mate and Warner's cash cow Bugs Bunny--in a new light, however!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Carlos Fuentes and the Debt that Cannot be Paid

Here, below these lines, is a page torn from the acknowledgments section of Tex[t]-Mex: Seductive Hallucinations of the "Mexican" in America--diverse, name-filled pages in which I valiantly strive to thank all of the amazing people (and, two scoundrels) who made my 16-year odyssey of authorship possible. First on the list of folks that crossed my path and traced my psyche at Cornell University, in freezer-like Ithaca, New York, is the guapo Mexican novelist, diplomat, and public intellectual, Carlos Fuentes:

Fuentes, one of the best living, internationally-acclaimed writers still WITHOUT a Nobel Prize, is at the top of my list because of his patience, generosity, and lively wit--there was no reason a writer and university professor of his stature should have taken the time he did to guide a callow Laredense, wet behind the ears and all, but he did. Fuentes just spoke at UCSD last week and I was able to catch up with him. Read Aura if you have a chance; you won't regret it.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

CSUN Invasion! April 28, 2008 With ¡¡¡Silvia Mendoza and Josefina Lopez!!!

I have been called a LOT of names in my time--some of them NO good (poll the gifted, querulous gaggle of profs I chair in my English Department!)--but I have never been called a "Divo." That said, a plethora of accusations regarding my aspirations to Diva-dom are admittedly legend in the Califas Southland, in Connecticut, New York y Tejas. So it is with great pleasure I reveal that I have been invited to share the stage at CSUN the morning of April 28, 2008 with divas extraordinaire Josefina Lopez, of Real Women Have Curves fame, and Silvia Mendoza, author of The Book of Latina Women. Click the updated poster for a new, bigger view...


Just a posting of an updated, photo-shopped image from the modern mechanics site I may use today during my presentation.

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