Friday, November 17, 2017

Feliz Navidad from all the Crazy Team at the Tex{t}-Mex Galleryblog!

NOT pirated, re-purposed corporate photography! What gave you that idea!

Here at Tex[t]-Mex Galleryblog central, we know you suffer. 

You had grown accustomed to the tons of postings I used to do back in the day, whilst all around us, social media giants like twitter, facebook, and instagram made it easier and easier for me to post on other platforms! And you thought, maybe, like some Scrooge of Internet Present, I had deserted thee!

Fear not, amigos!!!! 

I will not be abandoning this 11-year old project/platform anytime soon--the joys of blogging are immense. 

So may the coming holiday season treat you and yours to too much food, lots of delicious vino y cerveza, and all the love (and the occasional fight or two) with your familia and loved ones. 

Lastly, may the old fat jolly man in the red suit gift you will all kinds of fine swag--(especially) the dirt cheap swag that appears in the kindly advertisement that appears below: 

Chihuahuas, though utterly high-strung, are easy to please!

Take Tex[t]-Mex's Christmas salesdog, perrito "Don Santa Chepe" here, on the right (ignore his doppelgänger twin, Mexy Don Chepe, canoodling with Jeff Bezos, on the left)! 

All you have to do to bring a smile to the little vato's face is to click him! What happens next is magical! You'll be instantly teleported to where you can buy William "Memo" Nericcio's desmadre-filled book on "Mexicans" in the United States and beyond: Tex[t]-Mex: Seductive Hallucinations of the "Mexican" in America.

But wait! a better deal (and over 5 bucks cheaper!)--and yes, fellow cynics, I get more Christmas cash as well... 
If Jeff Bezos is already TOO TOO rich for your liking, and you KNOW he is, and Amazon is too too corporate for you, then go here to the mom and pop (ok, it's just me!) Eyegiene/Mextasy Poster Shoppe and snap up a much more reasonably priced, signed/autographed copy of Tex[t]-Mex (just email Bill Nericcio at and tell him who to make the book out to...).

When you buy the book via you'll receive two gift posters of your own choosing and you will have made lil' Don Santa Chepe (and your rasquache profe friend) tremendously happy!

Get your hands on one of my books ...