Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another Film I Missed: DE NADIE

Thanks to Orin Weintraub for making me aware of this timely film.

Cool Rita Hayworth Archive!

Thanks to Marisela Norte for sharing the link--you may need to be a member of Facebook to see it. Hit the image for the archive.

Just Seeing This... Gustavo Arellano's Orange County Book Review in the Glossy ORANGE COAST Magazine, October 2008

MEXTASY: The Website

La Conquista, Opera Style...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mexican Terror Babies on the Loose!

Thanks Lalo, for the link.

Sweet Mother of God.... Glenn Beck Channeling MLK on the Feminist Texican

¡MEXTASY! Coming Soon the South Texas College in Weslaco and McAllen--Last Week of September, 2010!!!

Thanks to my Laredo partner in crime, Debbie Jacaman, for pointing out the poster failed to name the cities where these Mexstatic events are going down!

National Camera by Roberto Tejada

...just ran across National Camera: Photography and Mexico's Image Environment on Amazon--will do a posting after I snag a copy and review it...

Now You, Too, Can Be Safe In Arizona: the DEPROFILER

a huge tip of the sombrero to Michael Harper for the link to this site

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