Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mexploitation the Cinematic University That Seared the Imagination of Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, and Countless Others. One of the Professors? Rafael Baledón

I was just screening Rafael Baledón's amazing camp female mexploitation classic Con Licencia Para Matar and the connections to Kill Bill (1 and 2) and other Tarantino films (as well as some of those by Tarantino's sometime partner in crime, Chicano/Tejano cinema wizard Robert Rodriguez) was overwhelming. Though this debt is well documented, it never hurts to screen a movie (bad as it may be at times) to witness the cinematic/sinematic lineage as one director traces the eye, the imaginative psyche of an other, of the next.

Here's the first third of Con Licencia Para Matar and a poster from the film starring Fernando Casanova, Emily Cranz, Maura Monti, Barbara Angely, Leonorilda Ochoa, Noé Murayama, and Claudia Islas.

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