Friday, January 21, 2011

Very Cool | Xeni Jardin Touts the Donkey Show Opening at the Santa Monica Museum of Art on


Cool new site that combines the knowledge base of the "cloud" with web 2.0 social media graphics.... sort of wiki meets groupon..... curious... hit the image above to explore...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Target targets demographics with Hispanic Sweets

Attention all US Spanish speakers, these Valentine's classics are not for you, just for Hispanics. When I picked up my bag of "El Dulce Oficial del Amor" the tag on shelf of the Target Valentine's Shop read: "Hispanic Sweet."

Blame Target for the this: But for the labeling? No. The culprit was in Boston's backyard! The venerable Necco Factory came up with the Hispanic golosinas category.

Lovingly create candy Haikus for any Hispanic love interest and string hearts imprinted in Castellano: Te Amo (in two yummy sabores). Hola. Amiga. Dulce and Beso.

Limbaugh's proficient Mandarin

I don't relish giving Mr. Rush L any more airtime. However, thank me later for this gem. Have a listen, he's quoting China's president Hu Jintao. If you were looking for key insights about such an important official visit, Mr Limbaugh's highly trained ear will put it all into perspective.
Have a listen:

EL TRIUNFO DEL AMOR on The SOUP | Telenovelas Hit the US Mainstream

I am a confessed addict to EVA LUNA--whose storylines have devolved of late--so I HAVE TO take note of The Soup's skewering of TRIUNFO DEL AMOR that just went live; gracias to QUE FREGADOS for the link!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Thanks Again to Gustavo Arellano of Ask a Mexican Fame, er, I mean.... INFAMY!

The rapier wit of Gustavo Arellano is only matched by the silver acid tongue of Ricky Gervais, the vocal cords of the late Ricardo Montalban, and the boom-boom of Charo's backside! Many thanks for the love, and the Socrates gag in this weeks Ask A Mexican!

Here's Gustavo from his cool Colbert gig...

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Gustavo Arellano

You Too Can be a Bandit EVIL "Mexican" | a Halloween Post, a few months early

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