Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pedro Infante

I usually leave commentary on Mexican figuration of "Mexicans" to Chon Noriega and the like, but I have to post this video of Pedro Infante that I just ran across on YouTube--An American original, this celebrity of the Americas!

Richard Corliss has a brief tribute at

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Once a Latin Americanist, Always a Latin Americanist

I could not let this posting by the National Security Archive go unnoticed as it proves what we have known for decades about the Empire of the United States of America. No surprises for Latin Americanist, but a good lesson in history for anyone the least bit naive about our country's relationship with Latin America.

It is Not Candide-ish to Dream of an American Tomorrow

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Naked Mirrors, Fractured Souls

I have not been adding to my online curiosity shoppe otherwise known as the Tex[t]-Mex Galleryblog much of late as I have been readying my Fall 2008 Literature and Film Seminar at San Diego State University--the title of this semester's showcase of talent (more on that below) is Naked Mirrors, Fractured Souls: An Introduction to Literature [and Film]. The class will fold together some of the ideas I have played with before but with some added twists and surprises. The big difference with this class is the cast of players/artists/fiends/geniuses who will be visiting our beautiful classroom PS 130 @ SDSU--these include Tomas Riley, Marisela Norte, Gustavo Arellano, Oliver Mayer and, maybe! Myriam Gurba and Culture Clash. It promises to be one of the better literary variety shows on the Left Coast! The class social networking site is here! Check it out!

My TA this semester is a rad graduate student in our program, Kevin Gossett. When he's not researching literature, Gossett hangs his hat with the Ex-Friends, an amazing local band--if you see them listed in City Beat or the Reader, go check them out! Their next show is on the 25th of September at the Beauty Bar.

Tomorrow the lid comes off of our semester-long adventure! Wish us luck.

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