Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Louisiana's TURBOSQUID!!!! Yesterday's Most Pathetic Stereotypes Reimagined for the Digital Age of All our Cyber Tomorrows or Need a Sexy Latina or Bandit for your Animated Video

One of the infamous original members of the Taco Shop Poets and co-conspirator (along with Carlos Solorio) on my Mextasy.TV desmadre, Miguel-Angel Soria seems to have nothing else to do but to send me massive amounts of cyber tidbits filled with thrilling stereotype updates from the world of television and film production.  There, nestled in their dens in Hollywood (and Louisiana), these maniacs are busy building the NEXT generation of hot Latina bombshells, the next iteration of Alfonso Bedoya's I-don't-need-no-steenken-badges Mexican bandit.   Go here or here or here for your morning dose of digitally fine-tuned ethnic mannequins or peek above and below!

I love the way the African American digimannequin may be conceived of as a sexy business woman with some professional edge, whilst the winsome Latina lass's only concrete ontological quality is her essential sexyness--no business chops required!  The company that produces these monstrosities is called Turbosquid, out of Louisiana--maybe ace pinhead Bobby Jindal is associated with these cyberdumb rascals



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