Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Monday, March 02, 2009

Fellini's AMARCORD Screening at the Venerable KEN THEATRE in San Diego!

Amarcord Trailer

Ilan Stavans on the Latina/o Literature Anthology for W.W. Norton in Poder Magazine

Lucha Libre Coming to Oceanside! Road Trip!

Old Navy's Mexican Mannequins

Readers of my Ethnic Mannequins/Obscene Machine Graduate Seminar blog will be well familiar with my fetish when it comes to the ersatz human--so look what comes in with the newspaper this weekend, a Spanish-language circular for Old Navy featuring, literally, ethnic, "Mexican" mannequins. More on this in Eyegiene.

Madonna Preying on Latino Hunks! Is There No Escape from Tales of Latinos as Synecdoches for the Realm of the Sexual!?

Amazing New Lupe Velez Print Up for Auction: Rita as well




Going Native

Without Category: Donald Duck

Even Ariel Dorfman's and Armand Mattelart's How to Read Donald Duck did NOT prepare me to grapple semiotically with this comic book ad; more shortly.