Friday, April 22, 2011

Jimmy Olsen and his Mexican Stereotypecasting Problems

PostModernBarney is replete with comic book lore, pop-culture, and movie screen icons of both female siren and hunky men persuasion. Here's his take on a found Jimmy Olsen comic book adventure.

"Oh, man…a “sleepy” latino, complete with poncho and sombrero. All he’s missing is a little burro on a string to complete the racist stereotype trifecta." by

No Sombrero? Not a Mexican peon.

Rosita is a lying Mexican vixen of course. She calls poor sappy Jimmy Olsen a "Stupid Gringo." (According to the set up premise of stereotypes, readers should assume she pronounced it Es-tiuped Grringo).

Check out the end when Jimmy Olsen's creators cast a nice generalization on the Roma too. If justice was served, the slap he got in the end was for the tired portrayals and caricaturizations, not for being a two-timing Ese.

For the whole postmodernbarney experience and the original post go here.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rolling Jesus y los Apóstoles! The Last Lucha!

Dan Brown can call of the Opus Dei and the crazy-eyed albino dude. The Last Supper painting mystery has been revealed. Here's the real truth landscaped in skateboards. Click for images of The Last Fiesta by artist Chris Parks.

This is gorgeous. Thanks to our friends at Boingboing for the tip.

The infiltration of Hispanos continues to afflict the US: Hipster Cascarones

Not contented enough with inflating dominance as a minority in the United States, our customs have begun to take over America's mainstream holiday traditions. Here is a lovely version of the sometimes violent practice of cracking a confetti filled egg over someone's head to celebrate Pascuas. The post refers to cascarones as "mini piñatas for your head."

Gorgeously photographed step by step instructions here:

I was with them up to the point where they suggested varying up the tradition. Un poco passive- aggressive no?

Variations: If you're really feeling feisty (and don't mind a messier activity), I think it would be fun to leave a few eggs raw, just to keep things interesting (and provide some real motivation for running from the egg smashers coming toward you). Or, really shake it up and try things like jello filled eggs, or powdered sugar filled eggs, or whatever you've dreamed of dumping on someone's head.


OXXO Tijuana

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Banksy Piñata Painting @ MOCA

thanx to max benavidez for the link via facebook...

Even a Poorly Reviewed Lupe Velez Movie is Better Than Nothing at All } La Zandunga

Read the review and weep:
by Andrea Gronvall 

The title refers to a Mexican waltz, one of many folkloric elements in Fernando de Fuentes's 1938 comedia ranchera, a romantic musical genre he invented with his 1936 hit Over on the Big Ranch. A response to contemporary land reforms and related social tinkering, the films celebrated indigenous culture while idealizing prerevolutionary plantation society. Hedging his bets, de Fuentes reinforced a domestic cast with Lupe Velez, a bankable star throughout the U.S. and Latin America. Unfortunately the plot's a plodding story of forbidden love, and Velez—for all her beauty and comic flair—doesn't convince as an ingenue. In Spanish with subtitles. 100 min.