Friday, March 02, 2012

WASSUP ROCKERS | Latino Punk Skateboarders in the Eyes and Camera of Larry Clark

a huge thanks to ace MALAS graduate student, Allison Hooker, who tipped me to this story...

Thursday, March 01, 2012

About the Tex[t]-Mex Galleryblog...

The new and improved Tex[t]-Mex Galleryblog™ devotes itself to the aggressive, relentless, and, at times, pathological interrogation of Mexican, Latina/o, Chicana/o, "Hispanic," Mexican-American, and Latin American stereotypes. It is both the online supplement to and the bastard sister of a 2007 University of Texas Press book. The book, marketed for the general public (not just academic cultural studies wonks) and a perfect (if a tad garish) stocking stuffer, is also available from Powells,, and LA's rad Skylight Books.

William Anthony Nericcio, aka "Memo," is the Director of San Diego State University's ever-evolving MALAS program(The Master of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences)--a dynamic, interdisciplinary, cultural studies graduate program located near the U.S./Mexico border. Nericcio also serves on the faculties of the Chicana/o Studies Department, theCenter for Latin American Studies and the Department of English and Comparative Literature at SDSU. Utterly more than is necessary to know can be found in his perplexing, image-laced online autobiography and a complete digital index of his web-based shenanigans is located here. Lastly, can also see a graphic design portfolio by Guillermo Nericcio García, his, er, 'cousin,' at memogr@phics designcasa.

Other cool contributors to this site include Michael Wyatt Harper, rogue semiotician of Thousand Oaks; Daphne Strassmann, Boston's lurid journalist of the latino/a surreal; Marc García-Martinez, Allan Hancock's finest malcontent; Eduardo Santacruz, Mexican ex-pat sage; and others, too numerous (and too shy) to share their names!

nota bene: The old school version of this blog, long offline owing to the evil doings of web-challenged "literature-loving" malcontents, is open and serving customers again, answering to the clamoring, shrill pleas of nostalgia-junky websurfers the world over.

Mexican Mitt! via

Thanks to Sara Ines, for the linkazo!

Lyrics and vocals by Chris Garcia
with assistance from Lalo Alcaraz


Salma Hayek as Frida Kahlo: Mexico and Mexican Art in the American Imagination

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cafe Press: Corporate America Hater Haven for Anti-Mexican Propaganda

update: 8:32pm, pacific time--a gaggle of collaborating gente are trying to cafe press' attention! Track it on Twitter here:!/search/realtime/cafepress
latino rebels are on this as well here.


I can't believe this is real; click the image below to see Cafe Press's page for Anti-Mexican gear , and then click the link below to complain to CAFE PRESS corporate central.

Contact Cafe Press; see my note to them below:

Oh, and tell them their "content disclaimer" does not cut it...

Cholofied SPOCK!

Thanks to all the Cool Gente of Boulder and Denver for an Amazing MEXTASY Show!

Warm thanks to Arturo Aldama, profe extraordinaire, for curating a remarkable visit/show at the University of Colorado, Boulder--it was a big honor for me to be part of the "Decolonial Borderlands Distinguished Speakers Series" for the Department of Ethnic Studies there and I am grateful for the warm welcome and the brilliant folks I got to work with there in Colorado!