Saturday, July 01, 2017

Holy Super Goat! Positive Mexican Western Heroes from Will Elder and John Severin via Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine

I have to keep tipping my sombrero to ace blogger Pappy whose Golden Age Comics Blogzine gets better and better and better! 

Today, a rare treat! A story from the magic pens of Will Elder and John Severin featuring positive, Mexican vaquero super heroes (of a sort).

First, there is the dashing Lazo, (not Lazy!), and his sidekick Pedro (with his amazing animal sidekick, Billee the Goat).  Holy Cabrón, Batsman!

As Pappy tells it, the Mexy-forced dialogue eeezz reedeeekulawwwssss--but what can you expect from 'Merica circa 1950 (it's better than what Trump's cronies are whipping up circa 2017!).

See the whole tale here:  

Here are some choice panels!

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Don't "heet my Billy-Goat"...