Friday, August 03, 2012

Monday, July 30, 2012

Mexican Wrestling and More: "Super Amigos" directed by Arturo Perez Torres

Super Amigos, directed by Arturo Perez Torres

"In Mexico City, five real-life "social wrestlers" have capitalized on the popularity of Mexico's larger than life Lucha Libre wrestlers to fight for social justice rather than trophies. Wearing custom masks, costumes and capes like the wrestlers who inspired them, these anonymous grassroots superheroes protect their metropolis against injustice. Super Animal challenges bullfighters to leave the bulls alone and fight him instead. After a savage beating kills his boyfriend, Super Gay becomes a champion of gay rights, fighting rampant homophobia. Ecologista Universal battles environmental destruction of every kind, all on foot. Super Barrio is the defender of poor tenants, helping them resist evictions by slumlords cashing in on gentrification. With a mixture of live action, comic book-style animation and a surf guitar soundtrack inspired equally by mariachi music and Batman, Super Amigos shows that with a little imagination, a good heart and the right mask, anyone can activate their communities to triumph over evil."

Help a Blogger Out! Identify This Mystery Artist...

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