Thursday, September 11, 2014

Beware Latino/a Robots or Fiesta de Cyborgs! Robotic Erotic Electric Keynote Presentation at the Boise State University THATcamp! September 13, 2014 @ 9am!

Just a quick posting with some info on my 2nd Idaho-based adventure in one year! Last Spring I was hanging at Boise State University with my Mextasy show (poster from the April 2014 fiesta-of-desmadres, opposite).

This weekend, September 2014, I have been invited back to shower tons of pictures/videos on all things digital humanities at BSU's third annual THATCamp.

What's a THATCamp?  (¡that's what I said!)...

THATCamp is an acronym-headed neologism for "The Humanities and Technology" Camp. Held at Boise's awesome Discovery Center,  the gathering will draw a diverse and eclectic group of cybernauts, pointy-headed intellectuals, artists, coders, gamers and more. 

Me? I will be holding forth (at 9am!!!! no less) on erotic robots and other cybersexually curious provocations--the result of a semester's worth of experimentation with over 200 undergraduate students at SDSU.  If you like getting up early and are anywhere near Boise, come on out and give a shoutout--a big abrazo to Memo Cordova and Francisco Salinas who made this mad improvisational presentation a reality!! I am on the bill with headliners JP Chastain and Eric Gilbert and host of other cool androids/robots/cyborgs!

Here's the ridiculous, Gilligan's Island/Ginger poster Guillermo Nericcio García whipped up for the event!

If you have read this far, you get a surprise treat! *spoiler alert* A preview of some of the graphics from the improvisational lecture entitled: "Robotic, Erotic, Electric: More Ruminating Thoughts on Literature, Film, and Cultural Studies in the Utterly Perplexing and Delightful Age of Social Media, Ubiquitous Surveillance, and the Selfie!"