Saturday, March 28, 2009

Animated GIFS, MySpace versus Facebook and more...

(apparently blogspot/blogger, like facebook, eschews animated gifs; hit the first image above to be transported to Yañez's blog for the full effect.)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Drop Everything! GILDA screening @ MCASD, March 26, 2009 at 7pm!


The Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego co-presents Charles Vidor's classic film, Gilda, with San Diego State University's Department of English & Comparative Literature. Sex-symbol par excellence Rita Hayworth burns up the screen with sensuality to spare in her signature role as a femme fatale in this 1946 film noir classic. With its cabal of hoods and Nazis, the real magic of Gilda rests on the sexy shoulders of the one-and-only Hayworth who juggles the affections of the men in her life (played by Glenn Ford and George Macready) as a love triangle unfolds against the backdrop of an illegal casino in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Professor Bill Nericcio, chair of SDSU's Department of English & Comparative Literature, will introduce the film and participate in a post-screening Q&A session with MCASD Film Curator Neil Kendricks. [map/directions]
Here's a cool still released just before the film debuted--click the image to supersize it (brief commentary beneath the image below):

The image was no doubt released to cash in on Glenn Ford's stardom at the time of the film, but it totally misrepresents the erotic dynamics of Gilda that dominate Charles Vidor's noir classic; in the film Johnny Farrell, Ford's character, does anything but dominate Gilda--if anything, he plays Sacher von Masoch to her Marquis de Sade. Farrell, at any rate, has all he can handle in this menage a quad romance with Ballon Munson, exquisitely played by George Macready.

Here's a sequence that underscores Farrell's position vis-a-vis Gilda:

You can read an early version of my Rita Hayworth biotheory piece by clicking the image below; a revised and expanded version of it appears in Tex[t]-Mex: Seductive Hallucination of the "Mexican" in America (2007).

Sherman and Peabody Meet Pancho Villa

David Garcia, correspondent at large, sends in this textmextian posting:

From: "David O. Garcia"
To: "Bill Nericcio"
Subject: Peabody and Sherman visit Pancho Villa in the Way Back Machine
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 10:43:36 -0400

HI Bill,

I watching a collection of Sherman and Peabody cartoons the other day and one of the segments was on Pancho Villa. For those who don't know who they are here is a wikipedia link to Sherman and Peabody:

And here is a YouTube video of the episode

I'll leave the comments for others.



Undocumented Mark Dery in Mexico!

John Paul (I am NOT the Pope) Gutierrez has a New BLOG!!!

New Forthcoming Book from Dadanoias!

Click the image for the skinny, in Spanish:

Eduardo Santacruz on the Chipmunks...

San Diego ace cultural studies detective Eduardo Santacruz sends in this video:

His comment? "I find something funny and wrong with this at the same time."

Monday, March 23, 2009

¡Gracias! ¡Gracias! ¡Gracias!

A big swoop of the sombrero to where Tex[t]-Mex is the number #2 title among "Hispanic" texts! Cool!

Remembering the Sandinistas

Back when I was in graduate school and Reagan was a reality and the U.S. was up to no good in Nicaragua, I was a big Sandinista fan; huge, really. One of my former students, Aubrey G., is traveling in Nicaragua and sent me this beautiful postcard (click to enlarge)--I thought I would share it with textmex galleryblog readers, oh marvelous spelunkers of the internets.

Of the card, Aubrey, our new correspondent from Central America, writes

I thought you would love it! You can definitely post it. I'm reading a great book about the Civil War in Nicaragua called, Blood of Brothers: Life and War in Nicaragua, by Stephen Kinzer, a journalist from the States who was here before, during, and after the war. I definitely recommend it.

Send me a link when you post it on your blog!

Hope all is well!


From the 2008 Archive!

Just getting around to posting this "I" Chihuahua promo card for Beverly Hills Chihuahua--I will spare you the Ecce Homo-esque riff on Chicano subjectivity I was going to spit out here.

Other quick takes on BHC from this blog are here.

And, Now, from Argentina, some Animated Genius...

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

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