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You Know Where You Will Be on April 13nth!

Where will you be this MONDAY afternoon!???? You're going to jump on one of California's glorious interstate paved electro-glide highways and jet down to the Cal State Fullerton campus (ok, huevón, here's the map treasure trove) and get your nalgas to McCarthy (!) Hall 238 (campus map) at 4pm (sharp!) to treat yourself to the intellectual lucha libre of the century! It pits the author of Ask-A-Mexican and Orange County: A Personal Memoir against the scribe best known for Tex[t]-Mex and The Hurt Business: Oliver Mayer's Early Works PLUS [+]: The Screaming Gusanito de Califas, Gustavo "Si Voy a Perder" Arellano versus Guillermo Memo "El Macho de Tejas" Nericcio. Hide the children and call out the riot police, this to-the-death duel promises to have Southland tongues wagging as Arellano, the prince of tights, and Nericcio, the Lord-of-the-Ring, try to out-do each other with feats of clever, daring-do! The dynamic duo of Chicano camp and post-movimiento Mexicano wonders will also, get this, be reading from and signing copies of their books, so bring out the checkbooks and jars of pennies for some hot discounts. Arellano will be signing body parts as well, so bring along your sharpies!

My thanks to semiotic genius Michael Buchmiller for whipping up this AMAZING poster!  You can see his amazing works here and hear his cool music confabulations here.

Priceless Mexican Noir

I am looking for the front cover of this! A priceless gift to me from Kevin Gossett! Gracias Gracias


David O. García sends in this research:
From: "David O. Garcia"
To: "Bill Nericcio"
Subject: Some info on the author of your detective book..
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 10:59:06 -0400


I did some research and found (Willis) Todhunter Ballard 1903-1980 bio on an ancestry site, and he wrote a series of mysteries under pseudonym Sam McNeil with heroes Tony Costaine/Bert McCall. Here is a link to his bio.

Here are the Tony Costaine/Bert McCall books

Death Takes an Option, Gold Medal Books, 1958.
* Third on a Seesaw, Gold Medal Books, 1959.
* Two Guns for Hire, Gold Medal Books, 1959.
* Hot Dam, Gold Medal Books, 1960.
* The Death Ride, Gold Medal Books, 1960.
* Mexican Slay Ride, Gold Medal Books, 1962.
* The Spy Catchers, Gold Medal Books, 1965.

There are some covers online. Also I'm not sure the title of your book, but Mexican Slay Ride seems the obvious choice.

Amazon lists the title 'Mexican Slay Ride' but no cover image. Maybe you can get that vato from califas to spring for one.



NOT the Orson Welles from TOUCH OF EVIL; Still Classic!

Mexicans at the Portal of Fantasy: Ricardo Montalbán

Me and Gustavo Arellano were on the radio yesterday talking about Latinos/as and Cop Shows on TV; one of his questions threw me--regarding Latinos/as on cop shows that were good! I riffed some rant about not looking to TV for good Ethnic Studies archetypes. What I should have said is what we need more of is "Mexicans" in non-Ethnic roles. Ricardo Montalbán's role on TV's Fantasy Island was as a gatekeeper of dreams, a warden of potential pleasure... that's it! No sombrero, no bandito glint, no steenken badges. Who would have thought schlock TV from Aaron Spelling would have given us cutting edge, post-Textmextian semiotic ruminations on "Mexican" subjectivity! More visual candy here!

Of course, a smart-ass and write in something about Mexicans and the fetish for midgets re-valorized by Herve Villechaize--but he was French!

Christopher Walken, Chicano

"Chicano" Image Search...

There's Just Not Time in the Day to Critique Everything Flying in Over the Transom


Click to read the whole tale (though my link will drop you medias res)--needless to say, the vision of Mexico herein contained is both predictable and curious. The artist, Josh Lesnick, is not without talent, and the perambulations of his imagination, colored by hallucinations of Mexico and Mexicans deserve a chapter in a future edition of Tex[t]-Mex. An example? Click around the comic--you'll dig the pages where a sombrero works as a viagra-like semiotic libido-enhancer. Or maybe not!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Loco Josh Kun Again from the NY Times on Los Pikadientes de TJ

Gustavo Arellano and Bill Nericcio on the Radio TODAY!!!!

or do a direct MP3 download here.

More on this kpfk show, 4pm ish, later today! Me and Ask-A-Mexican will be hyping our lucha libre joint lecture at CSU Fullerton this coming Monday and tearing apart the NBC program, SOUTHLAND. Here's the first episode! Dig the leering "Mexican" in the first frames--classic Tex[t]-Mextian nonsense! From the producer of ER, no less!

Uncharted Waters of Speedy Gonzales

Gustavo Arellano sends in this taunting challenge from Tejas!

From: "Gustavo Arellano"

I am SHOCKED you have yet to pontificate on the following cartoon, especially in light of its wonderful parable of la frontera!

Desde Dallas,


My response!? I don't have time as I have to do your pinche radio show! ¡Zas!

Loco Josh Kun Zaps in a Linkaso Concerning the Death of Speedy Gonzales

Of course, in this version, our "only hero" dies of narco-laced drogas. Sigh....

"Mexican" Minuteman Founder in Illinois on the Loose!

My sis writes in with a link to Wonkette:

Subject: Wonkette : Anonymous Racist Freeper Is Actually… R
epublican Candidate To Replace Rahm
From: Josie Nericcio
To: Bill Nericcio

Another self-hating minority. Why do we have to suffer because of their poor self image? Have some self respect, for Pedro's sake!


Josie Nericcio
You tell em, hermana! You tell them!

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Gabo Sighting

East Coast correspondent Daphne Strassmann sends in this link to an update on Colombia's nobel laureate who is doing just fine thank you very much!

Los Lobos: Kiko

updated | original posting October 17, 2008 | video link updated 6 April 2009.

Holy Lacunae, Batman--how could the Tex[t]-Mex Galleryblog live and breathe without a sampling of SoCal legend band, Los Lobos! Omission corrected!

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