Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Priceless Mexican Noir

I am looking for the front cover of this! A priceless gift to me from Kevin Gossett! Gracias Gracias


David O. García sends in this research:
From: "David O. Garcia"
To: "Bill Nericcio"
Subject: Some info on the author of your detective book..
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 10:59:06 -0400


I did some research and found (Willis) Todhunter Ballard 1903-1980 bio on an ancestry site, and he wrote a series of mysteries under pseudonym Sam McNeil with heroes Tony Costaine/Bert McCall. Here is a link to his bio.

Here are the Tony Costaine/Bert McCall books

Death Takes an Option, Gold Medal Books, 1958.
* Third on a Seesaw, Gold Medal Books, 1959.
* Two Guns for Hire, Gold Medal Books, 1959.
* Hot Dam, Gold Medal Books, 1960.
* The Death Ride, Gold Medal Books, 1960.
* Mexican Slay Ride, Gold Medal Books, 1962.
* The Spy Catchers, Gold Medal Books, 1965.

There are some covers online. Also I'm not sure the title of your book, but Mexican Slay Ride seems the obvious choice.

Amazon lists the title 'Mexican Slay Ride' but no cover image. Maybe you can get that vato from califas to spring for one.



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