Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Gustavo Arellano and Bill Nericcio on the Radio TODAY!!!!

or do a direct MP3 download here.

More on this kpfk show, 4pm ish, later today! Me and Ask-A-Mexican will be hyping our lucha libre joint lecture at CSU Fullerton this coming Monday and tearing apart the NBC program, SOUTHLAND. Here's the first episode! Dig the leering "Mexican" in the first frames--classic Tex[t]-Mextian nonsense! From the producer of ER, no less!


  1. oh, I saw a little bit of that Southland from your link. I don't have cable so I'm out of the loop that way. I get it now about the whole Rodriguez upcoming film...

  2. cool--my rant is pretty clear; you are a producer with a bushel of cash and some talent; why take that chance and throw out the same old shit.

    i know, i know--"don't be naive, billy" familiarity sells; yes, i know, but it also breeds contempt and hate.... thanks for checking in!

    memo nericcio