Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Whiter Whites!? No! BROWNER BROWNS with Talking #BrownTV!


Why get your whites absolutely white when the future of our (possibly) beautiful world is brown, Brown, BROWN!?  

What am I talking...? I'm TALKING #BrownTV!!!  Add it to your fine lineup of Spring 2021 classes now and Fede and Memo might even do a drop in live Zoom-bomb of your class (for reals!) ...   TALKING #BrownTV, co-authored by Latinx phenom Frederick Luis Aldama and yours fave rabble rouser, William Nericcio.  

Sample the first pages of the book free here via NOOK: nook.barnesandnoble.com/products/9780814277447/sample?sourceEan=9780814255599  

or, via The Ohio State University Press: ohiostatepress.org/books/titles/9780814255599.html  

or via Bezos's evil (but convenient) amz: amzn.to/3ecVCJp or, a digital version of the same, via Kindle: amzn.to/2JUhzz1