Saturday, May 05, 2018

Throwback Saturday | The Week I Appeared as a Coverguy for San Diego Citybeat or Whatever Became of 'ChiChi BoomBoom, Le Woof'

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#throwback #repost … the heights of ridiculousness meets #mextasy in this snapshot from @sdcitybeat 2010, the Best of San Diego issue… the result of a collaboration with indy scribe legend @kinsee … Here was my backstory on my “circus of desmadres” alter ego: “The hinted-at bastard son of Margarita Dolores Cansino (aka, Rita Hayworth) and Ernesto “Che” Guevara, Generalisimo Guillermo “El Guli” García was born in Mérida, Mexico in 1957. Originally recruited by Ronald Reagan and Oliver North to serve as a rightwing fascist Contra in the United States’s secret wars against Nicaragua and the Sanidinistas, “El Guli” dropped out of the notorious School of the Americas in Panama (where, apparently he pantsed Manuel “Red Underwear” Noriega” causing a scandal) and ran off to Leiden, the Netherlands, where he studied literature, art, and philosophy while brilliantly starting a secret Utopian society based on free-love, hashish, India Pale Ale, and Indy music (perhaps the reason he has been seen frequenting North Park divebars of late). Teamed with his inimitable pooch “ChiChi BoomBoom, Le Woof” he aspires to once again rule benevolently over his adoring masses. For more on El Guli, check out his site. Rumors persist around City Beat central, the Generalisimo is actually Dr. William A. Nericcio, Director of the MALAS Program at SDSU. These claims are not to be believed and are thought to be the work of Tea Party operatives.”
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