Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Otto Santa Ana and Bill Nericcio on MEXIPHOBIA, IMMIGRATION and MORE at Ohio State University, Thursday, October 21, 2010

Let the hosts know if you're coming!

I am really looking forward to returning to the land of the Buckeyes, the third week of October, for some autumnal frolicking in the Big Ten--hanging with superdoc Fred Aldama and my new carnal, Otto Santa Ana of UCLA (no relation that I know of to he, generalisimo, of the kidnapped leg). Immigrants, undocumented, and other misfortunate sons of woe and their figuration in the American cultural imaginary will be on tap--hit the big sign above for details! If you are near Columbus, Ohio, come hang with us and share your vision of a better American tomorrow! Hit the gray image to your right and you'll be zapped to the LASER/Ohio State website for more info; hit the image below to see an image from my presentation, "Shaman-approved Cures for our 21st Century Plague of Mexiphobia," aka "Prolegomena to Mextasy"; time permitting, the Dora/Conquistadora video may figure in the show as well.

update: here's another slide for the show... as well
as an alternative, lomofied version of the promo poster.....

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