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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Old Textmex Index Back Online--Sort Of...

It's back--many links still broken; but more fixes to come! Hit the image for the link.

Puerto Rican, Who "looks MEXICAN" Almost Deported in Chicago!

Gracias to David Diego Rodriguez, who forwarded me this story.

Sick Culture: Ewen, Lotringer, Fuentes, Gates AND Rend[er]ing LC Back in Print

Two articles I published back in the day with Spring: A Journal of Archetype and Culture and The Review of Contemporary Fiction are back online. Here are the references--hit the cover images for the direct links:

William A. Nericcio, "Sick Culture: Reading Across the Disciplines With Carlos Fuentes, Henry Louis Gates Jr., Sylvère Lotringer and Stuart Ewen." Spring 50 (1990): 159-173.

Willam A. Nericcio, "Rend(er)ing 'L.C.': Susan Daitch Meets Borges & Borges, Delacroix, Marx, Derrida, Daumier, and Other Textualized Bodies" The Review of Contemporary Fiction, Vol. 13, (1993).

Latino Museum Discussions: Adolfo Guzman Lopez

'I Imagine I Would Go Well With a Side of Fries' | More Mark Dery Brilliance... this time? On Man-Munching Animals...

Summer Reading 2010

...a quick listing of recommended texts for Summer fun 2010...

The British Library Going Gaga for Latinidad

CSU's Charles Reed's Ban on Tijuana Study Just Another Sign of His Ignorance

Monday, May 24, 2010

LYDIA MENDOZA: Tejana Music Queen on NPR

The Daily Show and MSNBC on the Texas Textbook Scandal

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and, two parting shots:

New Rita Hayworth Hollywood Glossy Photo Auction at Heritage...

the images, above, click to enlarge; here, the source.

The Continuing Ballad of the Sleeping Mexican

Another Monday--more sleeping Mexicans; hit the image to the left for the story, the right for the ad.

Certainly Not Your Average Head of State

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