Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pedro Infante is in the [white] House! (...sort of): A quick post on Aural-Sonic Miscegenations!

Came upon this LP record quite by accident on Google images. You'll appreciate it for its decidedly odd Leave it to Beaver meets La Bamba undertones. Needless to say, there must be a copy still out there...I'll check Amoeba Music in San Francisco and get back to you. Until then, soak in all the cross-cultural, racial harmony, and curiously caucasoidal vibes this anomalous little artifact seems to emit!

Re-imagining the Way We Image "Brazil" | Mark Dery Inteviews Gunter Axt

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More Artifacts from the Caucasian Bestiary: San Diego Lawn Jockey Edition

They are infamous and documented--common throughout the United States, especially the South: the Lawn Jockey.

However, there is one in San Diego--in Kensington to be exact--that catches the eye and, as such, merits entry into the Tex[t]-Mex Galleryblog Caucasian Bestiary.  I had my camera with me the other day and snagged some suggestive shots!

Yet Another Frightening Entry in the Caucasian Bestiary of the Ersatz Human