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What is Mextasy? --> 2023-2024 Edition! The Pop-Up "Circus of Desmadres" -- A Traveling Exhibition Coming Soon to a Gallery, Museum, or University Near You!

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#Mextasy is back! 2023-2024

Mextasy: Seductive Hallucinations of Latina/o Mannequins Prowling the American Unconscious
is a traveling pop-up or gallery-based art show/exhibit based on the work of William "Memo" Nericcio and Guillermo Nericcio García

The traveling exhibition or "Circus of Desmadres" was originally curated by Leticia Gómez Franco for Casa Familiar, San Ysidro, California, and Rachel Freyman Brown, South Texas College, McAllen, Texas. Recents shows include exhibitions/performances at Boise State University,  UC Riverside (virtual via Zoom, thx Covid!)  Iowa State University and the Nepantla Cultural Arts Center, Seattle, Washington--other noteworthy gigs include performances at Northwestern University, Wabash College, California State University, San Bernardino, and Franklin & Marshall College.

Mextasy is re-imagined, interactive art and artifact exhibition that grew out of Nericcio's 2007 American Library Association award-winning book with UT Press, Tex[t]-Mex: Seductive Hallucinations of the Mexican in America

In addition to racist artifacts from American mass culture (the bread 
and butter of Uncle Sam's unconscious and the backstory for the resurgence in anti-Mexican, anti-Latina/o peoples presently), the show also features works that is "xicanosmotic," that is, works by Mexican-American artists where the delicious fusion of the Mexican/US borderlands/frontera is writ large as in the deliriously delicious artistic tracings of Raul Gonzalez IIIPerry Vasquez, Rafaella Suarez, and Izel VargasVisitors to this page interested in having MEXTASY invade their local gallery/university of choice should contact us here.

Yet Another Moment in the History of American Print Culture, Mexican Stereotypes Edition


Alternate cover:

The old warhorse … artif[r]acture, an essay on comics, lit departments, and more — key cameos by Los Bros Hernandez, Thomas Pynchon, and Dan Clowes …


Thursday, May 25, 2023

The Border and Beyond: Bill Nericcio in Conversation with Ronald Rael #repost #craftjournal


A quick chat with Ronald Rael on the border and more (watch for the Izel Vargas cameo) in #craftdesert … a dreamy radzine by Kerianne Quick and Adam Manley

#borders #borderstudies #lafrontera #ronaldrael

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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

The End of an Icon: Raquel Welch, Jo Raquel Tejada, Dead at 82 ...

She was the icon of sorts for my various #textmex and #mextasy projects -- and I am gutted as I never go to meet and interview her.  Raquel Welch, presente!

She was, perhaps, SDSU's most famous alum--the great actress and even greater celebrity Raquel Welch, aka Jo Raquel...

Posted by William Nericcio on Wednesday, February 15, 2023

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