Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Stop the Presses! Second/Layer Comes Out with High Fashion Line of Ersatz, Synthetic, Mock, Simulated Cholo-wear! ¡¡¡Holy Pachuco Fake News, Batman!!!

Thanks to Professor Eliza Rodriguez Y Gibson who pointed my now-scalded eyes, my scarred Mexican-American soul, to this fantabulous atrocity! 

Haute couture non-mexican "cholos"!!!! Holy Baudrillard meets Eddie J. Olmos's Pachuco--who would be rolling over in his grave if he weren't still thriving in Hollywood!

ack! agggggggghhhhhhhh!!!  

Allow me to quote from the photo-notice from Women's Wear Daily, aka WWD, the bible of fashion: 
"Josh Willis and Anthony de Padovane. Second/Layer mixes influences from cholos, surfers, skaters, pachucos and Giorgio Armani to create a relaxed yet elevated style." 
Check out the entire new line and dress like your favorite barrio cholo here:

{...more below the images} 

$300 for the ensembles--it's not your usual fee for donning authentic barrio cholo garb, but in the age of Donald Trump and the Alt-Right, maybe haute couture outlets want to cash in on the very endangered species they dream of eliminating.  But no worry fans--real Cholos (and even their cool Japanese devotees) are here to stay! Where Japan revels in a cultural counter-culture that embraces the Cholo way of being, what Heidegger called Dasein, Second/Layer is more like a mercenary primitive mockery.

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