Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Xicanosmotic Art: Raúl Gonzalez III (via Juxtapoz Magazine)

Just getting around to pondering the rad painterly stylings of Raúl Gonzalez III--here are two prints from a recent issue of Juxtapoz magazine.   The second one, Benito, will appear here again soon with commentary....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Latina Bombshells Revisited: The Miracle of Salma Hayek

originally posted: 5/6/08 6:16 PM
updated: June 16, 2012 @ 12:19PM

One of the hardest chapters to write in Tex[t]-Mex was the one on Lupe Vélez (you may need to be logged into a gmail account to have the Lupe-link work)--there, late in the game, I try, a tad unsuccessfully, I fear, to fast-forward my study into the present, with lurid, 21st-century meditations on the ecstatic sanctity of movie and television Latina celebrities; in that chapter, Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz, and Eva Longoria make cameo appearances, with Salma doing yeoman's work womaning selections from a complex Premiere magazine interview, an exchange wherein Hayek eloquently and diligently articulates the limbolandia of being a Latina sexpot and only being a Latina sexpot. Which brings me to this clip from The David Letterman show on CBS wherein we gather the difficulty of her conundrum/situation (watch also for her anecdote that blends Catholicism with tales of the miraculous, a combo that echoes Santa Lupe Velez's situation as described in Tex[t]-Mex):

I love this photo of Salma--cigar smoking, strong, dynamic, and fierce, with eyes that confront the would-be watching subject with a post-Mulvey gaze that might paralyze. More food for thought as we consume our Tex[t]-Mex cuisine.

A page from the chapter on Lupe Velez in Tex[t]-Mex appears below--note the remarkable design/typography work by Lisa Tremaine:

Instituto Mexico del Sonido | México

Thanks to the ever-brilliant Josh Kun for the link to this bracing melange of music, culture, and more...


Señorita Rio: Latina Spy Femme Fatale Amazingness from the Pen of Lily Renée

Kudos to Pappy's Golden Age Comic Book Blogzine, a source of delicious optical amazement on the internets--click Señorita Rio, penned (and inked?) by Lily Renée below...

The New York Times on 21st Century Young Pochos in Mexico

Reputed "Mexican American Artist" Defaces Priceless Picasso Painting in Texas (update: Uriel Landeros, the culprit/artist?)

Hit the "conquista" tagged painting for the story from the UK's Daily Mail:

update: Uriel Landeros?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pee-wee Herman and EL HOMBRE

Gracias to rad Chicano poet/entrepreneur Miguel-Angel Soria, for tipping my eyes to this rad animated short from Pee-wee's Playhouse--watch for the Jimmy Smits appearance early on...

There's another episode here after the 3-minute mark...

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