Thursday, April 21, 2011

The infiltration of Hispanos continues to afflict the US: Hipster Cascarones

Not contented enough with inflating dominance as a minority in the United States, our customs have begun to take over America's mainstream holiday traditions. Here is a lovely version of the sometimes violent practice of cracking a confetti filled egg over someone's head to celebrate Pascuas. The post refers to cascarones as "mini piñatas for your head."

Gorgeously photographed step by step instructions here:

I was with them up to the point where they suggested varying up the tradition. Un poco passive- aggressive no?

Variations: If you're really feeling feisty (and don't mind a messier activity), I think it would be fun to leave a few eggs raw, just to keep things interesting (and provide some real motivation for running from the egg smashers coming toward you). Or, really shake it up and try things like jello filled eggs, or powdered sugar filled eggs, or whatever you've dreamed of dumping on someone's head.


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