Sunday, April 27, 2008

CSUN Invasion! April 28, 2008 With ¡¡¡Silvia Mendoza and Josefina Lopez!!!

I have been called a LOT of names in my time--some of them NO good (poll the gifted, querulous gaggle of profs I chair in my English Department!)--but I have never been called a "Divo." That said, a plethora of accusations regarding my aspirations to Diva-dom are admittedly legend in the Califas Southland, in Connecticut, New York y Tejas. So it is with great pleasure I reveal that I have been invited to share the stage at CSUN the morning of April 28, 2008 with divas extraordinaire Josefina Lopez, of Real Women Have Curves fame, and Silvia Mendoza, author of The Book of Latina Women. Click the updated poster for a new, bigger view...


Just a posting of an updated, photo-shopped image from the modern mechanics site I may use today during my presentation.


  1. Is this event open to the public? Or is it just for CSUN students?

  2. Email me "off-blog" for the details. cheers, Bill Nericcio