Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More Fodder for Tex[t]-Mex/Xicanosmosis Advocates

When I was in graduate school on the East Coast in the late 80s, I remember running across a teenager north of Columbia University in Spanish Harlem wearing a t-shirt that read: "bilingual, bicultural, by myself." I remember drawing a picture of it in one of my sketchbooks and then incorporating it into one of the late essays for seminars I was trying to finish at the time. This piece of clothing's poignant, succinct eloquence touched me; its irony did so as well as did the melody of tragedy it bore--who would think it? A T-shirt as opera! So it is that we turn on the old internet today to find that Hair Club for Men posterchild and neo-fascist philanderer Newt Gingrich is in the news for speaking out AGAINST bilingual education. That's as surprising as a George W. Bush malapropism or Fox News patriotic hyperbole--in other words, NO surprise. Still and all, it's good to look zenophobic racists in the face from time to time. Here's the video clip with thanx to CrooksandLiars for the original posting.

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