Monday, May 28, 2007

One of our Most Gifted Semiotic Warriors

My Tejana nemesis (watch her spank me in our exchange here) and comadre Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez, a University of Texas journalism professor, is getting her deserved share of love and media attention for kicking the crap out of doofus-director Ken Burns, whose myopic erasure of Mexican-Americans from WWII reminds us of Stalin's penchant for erasing murdered colleagues from old photographs. sas!


  1. At the risk being annoying,gotta say that most stories - and quotes in the stories- seem to treat this as an issue solely affecting "Mexican-Americans" - as well as the Southwest of the country. Of course, Mexicans were -and are- the largest latino group. But there is little mention of the disproportionally large percentage of Puerto Ricans who served in the US armed forces. Not to mention other carribean, south and central americans.

    Ken Burns, could also find many veteranos in places like New York, Tampa FL, and in the heartland itself- Chicago - where one Mexican-American parish had a large amount of fallen heroes.

  2. ....not an annoying comment at all--a necessary interventive reminder, i would call it! thanx for checking in at the textmexgalleryblog....

    ps: when i was in graduate school in upstate new york, i was often lumped in the puertoriqueños at cornell!!! irony-city!