Saturday, November 03, 2007

Tumescent Dueling Phallic Flags in Laredo, Texas USA and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

...a quick newsbreak from Laredo, Texas where I am hiding out from my job as Chair of and touring in support of Seductive Hallucinations of the "Mexican" in America.

There are Freudian flags dueling here in Laredo--a massive Peter North-esque American flag on the Laredo side; and an even more, um, tumescent John Holmes-esque flag towering over los dos laredos on the Mexican side of the border in Nuevo Laredo. More here as well.

When I get back to San Diego next week I will try to post pictures and a little film of this semiotic, warring crossing of the swords, here deep in the penumbra, or, the pudenda, of South Texas.

Holy nationalist erection, batsman!


  1. I'm surprised the flags of Texas and Nuevo Leon haven't made an appearance yet.

  2. Ha, my bad . . .shoulda checked the map. I was basing my thoughts on Texas Tornados lyrics: "Then they took off to Laredo/and she called me from Nuevo Leon/she said send me some more money/so I can come back home." I guess Chingo Bling's "Nawthside H-Town to Nawthside Tamaulipas" was more appropriate. :)

  3. Laredo does not have flagpole envy. Nevertheless, we all went out and bought red corvettes.