Monday, January 07, 2008

ArtCAL: Natural Forces Against Type: Laura Aguilar and Denise Montoya

Another quick odyssey worth the price of a click turned up today on ArtCAL regarding the work of Laura Aguilar (pictured) and Denise Montoya. The exhibit, Fuerzas naturales: Against Type, is also available here--though gallery snapshots are not available yet. Here's a choice excerpt from their gallery didactic:
"Stereotyping consists of preconceived images, expected behaviors, and assumptions about a certain group, with the caricaturization of specific attributes. These defining (mis)perceptions are amplified and perpetuated in mass media and popular culture, thus altering the expectation of and treatment by others. A typical example in Latino culture is the bandido, and within that culture, the malcriada, a subject explored by Delilah Montoya through her images of female Mexican boxers. The Latina lesbian body is a typecast subject challenged by the self-portraiture and landscape compositions of Laura Aguilar. The contrasting mixture of potent photographs by women representing women from two markedly different viewpoints within their shared culture creates a forceful visual interplay that provokes new dialogues about stereotypes."

If you are cruising the west side of Manhattan, do yourself a favor and check the exhibit out!

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