Monday, April 21, 2008

Update to my Posting on Mr. Toledano

Diva Profe of Cabaret and more Laura G. Gutiérrez writes in from Tucson (can you say, Hotel Congress? I knew you could) to update my recent posting on the eyegienic art of "Mr. Toledano." She writes:
From: lgutierrez
To: Bill
Subject: Astrid

p.s. billy, check out the last video clip on the video bar on the right with Astrid--she's singing "la milonga del mono", but check out the outfit...your posted pic of toledano reminded me of astrid's dress!!

So dear readers! Who came first? Toledano or Hadad!

Get more and more and more on Hadad, cabaret politics, and more from Laura at her new blog, Unsettling Comforts!