Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our Season of Mexican Pogroms Begins in Earnest

You know the shit is starting to hit the fan when they start rounding up the Jews and the Mexicans at the same time--this news story out of the Midwest seems to ultimately suggest a ripe moment for some sort of Mexica/Semitic solidarity! Oy Gevalt, ¡Dios Mio! An Israeli press riff is here. Maybe Lalo Alcaraz can invent some t-shirt with the sleeping Mexican and the wandering Jew joining arms. The possibilities make me dizzy. For one thing, me and my good friend Leon Lanzbom, ace lit-meister and poet extraordinaire in the SDSU MFA Program, will have to wash down our shrimp tacos at Ponce's with Manischewitz to protest!

The pogrom part, fed by decades of Roger Ailes-scripted fascism mongering, is just plain scary.

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