Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Closeted Racism, or, In this Case, Elevatored Racism

M.W. Harper, Tex[t]-Mex Senior correspondent and all around gadfly, takes the time this morning to forward me the following "comedy" video; but as with filmed comedy of Dave Chappelle, who I've covered in the old school version of this blog (Friday | January 19, 2007), this video short hits all kinds of buttons, good, bad, and ugly:


  1. Is it wrong that I just had a stomach-clutching hilarity moment? I can't stop watching this video! I'm laughing so hard at the "BOO" comment that I can't seem to focus. . . ok, what was I just doing? lol

  2. dearest backseat! thanx for the comment and the tag! cheers, Bill