Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Tex[t]-Mex Caravan is Packing Up and Moving to DC for This Weekend

I am really looking forward to participating in my first national American Studies Conference meeting this weekend in Washington, DC--my panel is hyped opposite (click to enlarge). Back in the day when I was an undergraduate at UT, the American Studies program there offered me a posting in their graduate program--one that I passed up to drink of the heady waters of Cayuga Lake. Alfred Crosby ran the show back then (1984) and I always wonder what my academic fate would have been if I had stayed there in the lands of the Armadillo World Headquarters, Club Foot, Zilker Pond, Waterloo Records, and more. If you are at ASA, drop by the panel and say hi (yes it is at 8am in the morning! set that alarm!).

I will be sharing some of my more recent eyegiene-laced ruminations on Latinas and Latinos in US mass culture--including musings on Eva Longoria's and Shakira's recent embrasure of all things academic (and, additionally, Eva's penchant for acting out allegories of the Ethnic Mannequin--see the images below; Shakira has a thing for ropes as well) Hit the labels there below to your right for more info.

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