Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So What's Your Favorite Shade of "Latino" | Tales of Lipstick, Lips, and Race from San Diego

Southwestern College English Professor, SDSU Alum, and new Tex[t]-Mex South Bay correspondent Elisa Hedrick writes in with a Tex[t]-Mextian tale from her local Target store:

Lipstick and eyeshadow shades have always been so ridiculously-named that they warrant scrutiny, but the Rimmel cosmetic company takes it to the new level with a lipstick entitled, "Latino." So... is this sultry shade geared toward the "Latino" customer needing to get in touch with her heritage? Or is it aimed at the gringa trying to add spicy flair to her pale Caucasian lips?

What's next? "Tanzanian Temptation"? Or just "Oriental"?

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