Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Isaac Artenstein's New Documentary on Tijuana on KPBS


KPBS-TV premieres “Imagining Tijuana,” Tuesday June 29th at 11PM. It's one-hour documentary focusing on the city’s unique history, contemporary realities, and its place in the popular imagination. Artists, writers, sports figures, business executives and renowned professionals from Tijuana’s Paseo de la Fama (Walk of Fame) take part in a lively exchange about Tijuana's current situation as well as the possibilities and challenges confronting their community.

Award winning director Isaac Artenstein (“Break of Dawn,” “Border Brujo,” “Tijuana Jews”) juxtaposes news footage, contemporary artwork, vintage post cards, landmarks and other images to create a dynamic and compelling narrative. The original soundtrack by Tijuana’s own Jaime Valle helps capture the themes and sensibilities of this near-mythic border city --- and our own imagination. See a taste of it here.

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