Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yet Another Classic American Comics Introduction to the History of Racialized Representation in America or Golden Age Anthropology 101

I love classic comics. I loathe what comics did to my mind.

There's my problem--the technicolor paper fantasy worlds of comics provided and provide a world of escape and entertainment; but this entertainment trains the mind to move/think/react/judge/hate/love/lust in specific ways that are inescapable (Warner Brother's cartoons, documented in the Speedy Gonzales chapter of Tex[t]-Mex, work in a similar fashion--I love them, too.).

In any event, blogger at Golden Age Comic Book Stories does a madly talented job curating provocative representations of covers (and sometimes stories) from the comic book golden age...  Here are some, just posted in three categories that I have devised: World Cultures; Knowing the Enemy; and, because you've asked for it, another installment of Bizarre Caucasians in Print.

 Knowing the Enemy

Bizarre Caucasians in Print

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