Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The British Are Coming, The British Are Coming.... to Insult Mexicans!

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  1. It is sad...but you've gotta laugh as well. I collect comics, even (or especially) racist ones, because they characterise oppression in the oppressors own palabras, as well as the ridiculous notions of the cultural "Other". I seem to have seen a Brit comic about Mexicans wearing little hats with ice-cream cone crowns, who hunker down over a fire over beans, out of a can, no less! The Mex-stereotype pages from my small collection would fill a blog. Funny they can be, but the damage is real. I have created a baaaaad poster, or broadside, about Joaquin Murieta complete with poem which reads: Joaquin's Figura Historica as Retrieved from a Putrefact Manifest Destiny's Intolerant Glare and Virulent Embrace: Seriously Debased. Defaced. Criminalised. Pathologised. Vulgarised of Intent. Toxic as Role-Model. Gerry-Mandered of Psyche. Red-Lined as Myth. Neutered of Politica. Stigmatised as Leyenda/Victimised as Cultura. Ethnic Rag-Doll for Paranoid Vigilante Historians. Pox-Ridden Blanket For Sure.