Monday, March 21, 2011

Mext and Match

Ponte the mariachi t-shirt over a pair of your favorite jeans and, órale! Now you are setting a true multicultural fashion statement.

The comprehensive Surropa web store aims to please. If the insta-mariachi is not your thing, shop by theme (Brazil, Caribbean, Dia de los Muertos, Mexico, Cartoon- Comic, Indigenous Culture, name a few).

No Chavo or Chapulin Colorado that I can see, only Don Ramón. Though I don't ever remember him muttering "Chanfle!" But, que le hace? His sour face makes the world smile.

Another classic is a La Madrastra t-shirt. Why? Maria Rubio was an iconic glamourous and villainous stepmother in la telenovela Cuna de Lobos. (Eye patch sold separately).

    And gracias Guanabee. You are the coolest.

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