Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Ack!!!! Sara Hates Laredo! (and "Illegal Mexicans")

I don't have time to comment on this, but will!

more here...

here's a cool response video to "Sara"'s posting!

and, a local LAREDO KGNS story on the viral video

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  1. LOL>>>
    While few wil likely read this...

    I don't know JACK about Laredo!
    I was born (1961) in Mission Texas and raised here ('till 1978). I aint nothing but a (gringo) dumb white boy and my opinion stinks about as much as your ex's ass! BUT......

    Consider she ain't a local! I accept as fact much of what I have seen - as being akin to her story. Get over it!

    The mix of culture can be mis-understood by most all of us. ALL of us have been wrong. Thing is, she ain't wrong.

    I laughed at her mostly 'cause "It ain't all bad!" Just don't poke it in the eye.