Monday, April 09, 2012

PROGRESS..... er Progress... er progress? LATINA MAIDS ON TV, REDUX... Or Eva Longoria has an idea and Susan Lucci might be along for the ride...

original posting: March 27, 2012...

Update: Monday, April 9, 2012 | thanks to UT Austin genius Jaime Puente, for the headsup!

Eva, thank you! Your point is well taken and maid, um, er... made! 

We DISHONOR our criada abuelitas when we simple-minded bloggers take you to task for executive producing a network series focused on Latina maids.  

Honor the servant class!

I am with you!

All hail the brown-skinned gals of a domestic Downton Abbey!


....  But actually, er, NO.  Of all the storylines to greenlight in Hollywood, now, Devious Maids is the worst of the worst shows to greenlight.  Finally, a Latina/Tejana from Corpus is in a position to influence mainstream entertainment and you go with this.

THE WORST OFFENDER stereotype for female Latinas in Hollywood, the maid? the domestic?

We do not dishonor our working class ancestors when we protest, we honor them because you could have easily done better.

Devious Hackers

....follow the exploits of four Latina computer nerds (from Berkeley, MIT, Cal Poly, and Stanford) as they work covertly (in spandex, for the ratings, 'natch) for Uncle Sam

Devious Agents

...follow the tales of four Latina agents in New York, working with top models....

I give up.

Reread my section on "Marias" and Maids from Tex[t]-Mex and call me in the morning....

Thanks to profe Rich Yañez for drifting this past my facebook scanning ojos! In case the googlebooks reader insert above is broken, here's a Maria the Maid page from textmex...



latest update
june 10, 2012....  

the maids show WAS NOT PICKED UP!
progressive hollywood?

more here....


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