Friday, May 04, 2012

Lolita's Paradise Club, Monterrey, Mexico:'s XENI JARDIN on Next Wave Cine-Ontological Cultural Metamorphoses in Mexico

How does cinema touch the psyche? Mold the body. Ostensibly a medium that mimics or "represents" reality, cinema remakes the cultural space we inhabit even as we walk through it. Less oxygen than dna (imposing a biological metaphorics of being), Film and film culture permeates the psyche and the socius, the mind and the body politic, even as we shop at the mercado... perhaps especially as we shop the mercado...

My seminar at SDSU this term, American Panopticons, has been tracking the viral spread of cameras, film, and more this semester; the always already brilliant Xeni Jardin is all over this in a brief posting:


More here via the Daily Mail...

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