Friday, August 17, 2012

Amazing Art Show Debuting at Mesa College! SEVEN DEADLY SINS

Alessandra Moctezuma is turning up the heat at the Mesa College Art Gallery with a show featuring the work of Marianela de la Hoz, Alexia Markarian, Doug Sutherland, and other visionary seers/artists who know their way around sin, sinning, vice, and more. The show promises to expand your horizons when it comes issues of transgression. Don't miss the opening September 6, 2012. 

Here's the scoop on the show--selected images from this gallery of deadly sins appear below:
"Hell" by Alexia Markarian
In this exhibition seven accomplished artists reinterpret the Seven Deadly Sins and contextualize them for the 21st Century. San Diego based artists Marianela de la Hoz and Alexia Markarian are joined by Phyllis Davidson, Gene Flores, Doug Sutherland, Henning von Berg and Peter Zokosky. Art history professor Beate Bermann-Enn curated the exhibit, which brings together an eclectic group from different parts of the United States and from as far as Germany.By transposing these ancient Catholic precepts to a modern world all of these artists bring a touch of the surreal and the absurd to their creations. The resulting visual allegories in a variety of media both awe and disturb. They admonish the viewer with a hint of irony and a slight wink to temptation. Come and be sinful with us!
Davidson’s luscious satiny textured paintings present a sardonic view of our less than perfect society. Her large canvases contrast with De la Hoz’s exquisite miniatures painstakingly painted using the ancient medium of egg tempera. Flores' elegant engravings play with the mythological and feature odd hybrid creatures.Ex-votos, images of the Madonna, inspired Markarian’s subtlyaltered composite prints. In Sutherland's digitally generated altarpiece, Robo Christ, a video flashes the (political) sins of our times. German von Berg uses digital photography to create tableaux with 'angels' and 'devils' as sculptural nudes. Los Angeles based Zokosky paints quirky and imaginative allegories with an art historical feel.

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Phyllis Davidson

Marianela de la Hoz

Henning von Berg

Peter Zokosky

Doug Sutherland

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  1. The eighth deadliest sin is Stupidity! . . .Mark Twain once said, "We are All born ignorant but one must work hard to remain stupid" . . ."Hell" is the "Truth" discovered too late . . and the "Truth" is a lie that hasn't been found out yet! . . wabidoux
    Excellent show, Beate, . . Bravo!